7 thoughts on “Talking About the DaTscan with GE Healthcare

  1. I had the DaTscan about 5yrs. ago. I got it done at my local hospital. It takes one half hour. You must stay in this scanner, kind of like an MRI, and you can’t move at all for this half hour. If you move, blink an eye or move your lip, you must start all over again. For me, I closed my eyes and said a whole Rosary and that took me to 29 minutes. The last minute the man said Patty don’t move your almost done now and when he opened me out of there, I took a deep breath and he said I did great. He told me I had Parkinson’s. As the months went by, my doctor said I have Parkinson’s in my lips and chin and I have Essential Tremors in my hands. A year later he said, I think you have Essential Tremors in my lips and chin and not Parkinsons. Either way I shake. I do not take any meds at this time. I do not want to be a zombie or sit in a chair tired every day! I hope for a cure before I die, as we all do. I am an Artist who has done a lot of paintings since my disease, I find ways. I will not sit in a chair and let life pass me by. Keep moving is my motto. God Bless.

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