IETF Strategic Plan

The International Essential Tremor Foundation has developed a strategic plan looking forward to the next three to five years (2018-2022) in an effort to enhance the IETF’s role in the larger essential tremor (ET) community. 

Mission: To provide hope to the essential tremor community worldwide through awareness, education, support, and research. 

Strategic Goals:

1. Expand awareness with patients to allow them to become advocates to doctors and the medical community
2. Educate both the community members and those unaware of ET
3. Increase the IETF’s involvement in research for treatments and a cure for ET

Lines of Effort 

1. Building Awareness 
Make a concerted effort to raise awareness focusing on a younger demographic while remaining connected to the current ET community. As awareness builds to our key audiences, the ET community will be empowered to become better, more aggressive advocates to the medical community at large. 

Key Audiences: Medical community, Caregivers, Patients, Families, Higher education

2. Educating the Masses
Educating our key stakeholders and those who we want and need to encourage to become active stakeholders is an exercise in practical data and information dissemination. By leveraging facts and the most up-to-date information, we are able to arm our ET community with relevant data to assist them in acting as their own best advocates. 

Key Audiences: Medical community, Research community, Patients, Families, Pharma

3. Research
Relevant research into the cause, effect and treatment of ET is essential to long-term quality of life concerns of the patient, family and caregiver community. By providing funding to the appropriate research proposals, the IETF takes the long-view of patience and understanding. ET advocates are often forced to accept that the level of attention they receive in the research and development of practical treatment solutions is farther down the priority list. The IETF must no longer accept the premise of ET being a second-class disorder not worthy of first-class treatment solutions, and research is a key motivator for those solutions. 

Key Audiences: Medical community, Pharma, Higher education

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