Posted on March 20, 2023

Cathy’s Story I was diagnosed with essential tremor 15 years ago at 50 years of age. My primary care physician sent me to a neurologist to be sure my symptoms weren’t Parkinson’s. They weren’t. The neurologist prescribed a couple of medications, but the side effects were worse than the tremors at the time. We finally settled on a beta […]

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Posted on March 9, 2023

Anna’s Story Hello… where to begin this story with essential tremor. Let me start by giving a short bio. My birth name was Sarah Brock, and then changed in July 2009 to Anna (Enya) Brocein. Born on the Gulf Coast of Texas in a small coastal town in 1962. I had three much older siblings. […]

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Much has happened in the field of tremors in the past 10+ years and a newly published book, “Tremors” brings it all together. It shares recent developments in understanding tremor pathology and genetics, as well as the clinical findings in treatment models. Listen to this conversation with one of the co-editors Dr. Claudia Testa, with […]

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Posted on April 26, 2022

IETF Executive Director Patrick McCartney visits with Meal Lifter co-founder Anne Royer. Meal Lifter was born out of the need to create a functional eating space for Ann’s mother-in-law who had tremors from Parkinson’s disease. It’s a sturdy platform that holds and elevates a 9-inch plate, decreasing the distance from the plate to the mouth […]

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Posted on March 7, 2022

Jennifer’s Story “You have essential tremor (ET). It’s a neurological movement disorder that has no cure, and is progressive.” This is what my doctor told me. How does one process that at 34 years old or at any age? The fact is it may take time. It has taken me two long months and hours […]

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Posted on March 2, 2022

Donna’s Story I started seeing signs of essential tremor at the age of 44. It started in my hands. I would have a day with shaky hands and then the next it was gone. I could go a month easily without shaky hands before it happened again. I didn’t think too much about it, though I was curious. I figured if […]

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By James Keolker,Certified Master Meditation Teacher I am a retired professor standing in front of my class of some 75 seniors at a senior education center. And until recently, I have tried to hide the fact that I have essential tremor in both my hands. I can’t put my hands in my pocket as I […]

Diagnosed with voice tremor and spasmodic dysphonia in 2019, singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix has come to realize that attitude is everything. She advises aspiring musicians with essential tremor to own the condition. Her management techniques include vocal exercises, medication and sometimes a shot of alcohol. Be sure to listen until the end of the podcast because […]

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Posted on October 6, 2021

TORONTO, Oct. 4, 2021 /CNW/ – A second-generation, streamlined and battery-free stabilizing glove that can adapt to a wider range of hand tremors in people with Essential Tremor and Parkinson’s disease has been developed by Canadian company Steadiwear Inc.

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Each semester, the IETF awards four $1,000 college scholarships to students who have essential tremor through its Catherine S. Rice Scholarship Fund. As part of the application process, students are asked to write an essay on the topic, “how essential tremor has affected my life.” The following essay is from one of our fall 2021 […]