Letter from a First-Time Donor

I donated, for my first time, due to being an essential tremor (ET) patient myself and I see it as an opportunity to help others with ET by helping your organization in raising awareness.

I have had ET since I was a child and now being 59 years old, I have seen how it affects the patient and those around them. I am in hopes my donation will assist in some meaningful way, to help others battling this condition.

Also, now being 59, I am seeing firsthand how it becomes more of a challenge as time passes. I am fortunate that my tremors can be managed by medication except under some ordinary and certainly all stressful circumstances.

People with ET can face an uphill climb just due to others not understanding how ET affects another person. I was made fun of as a child, and as an adult during my lifetime, but understanding how it is usually out of a lack of knowledge of the condition more than anything else.

The general public does not know how uncontrollable ET is and what a stigma it attaches to the ET patients. Living with an “incontrollable” condition can be very draining both physically and emotionally.

My hope is that patients, such as myself and others, will receive unconditional love, support and understanding from their families and friends as they live with a condition, they have never had nor will they ever have control over. Also, that as those with ET age, to acknowledge it takes over greater control of our bodies while holding us hostage in those same bodies.

I pledge to continue to fight this dreaded condition and pray that soon there will be a cure or some substantial symptom relief to wipe it out of our lives forever. My donation may be “small” but my heart is huge in hoping it helps your organization to assist ET patients to fight this awful physiological condition.

Thankfully, your organization is assisting in their own special way to assist those of us with ET. You are our “essential” part in the battle against ET.

Thank you for allowing me to share my reasons of why I donated for my first time and why I believe it matters so very, very much.


Greg Kruger