Using Assistive Technology Centers for ET Support

People with essential tremor are always looking for assistive technology to enhance their quality of life. David Baker, director, Missouri Assistive Technology, talks about the services U.S. assistive technology centers provide in each state, including assistive device demonstrations and loans.  

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4 thoughts on “Using Assistive Technology Centers for ET Support

  1. I have a very difficult time using eating utensils. Are there some types that work best with ET. Thank you for help

  2. Cordial saludo.
    Veo necesario que en Medellín Colombia haya un grupo de apoyo de T.E.
    Yo soy Profesora Universitaria jubilada y deseo llenar ese faltante.
    Tengo Temblor Esencial familiar.
    Les solicito por favor, sacar la información con traducción simultánea.

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