This Song’s For You

By Nathan Frye

I have been a member of IETF for many years. I was diagnosed with early onset essential tremor that began when I was 16 years old. Of course back then my doctors would just say, “We don’t know why people shake” or “You are just a nervous Nellie.”

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As an adult, I finally was properly diagnosed and received a lot of great information from the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) which has really helped me. In my professional life as a school counselor, IETF gave me ideas on what to say when kids asked, “Why do you shake all the time?” or when adults would pull me aside as an intervention to ask what kind of crisis I was experiencing. 

Thank you, IETF. 

I am now retired but am focusing on writing instrumental piano music. I find that I have to modify how I play as things progress but it has been very therapeutic for me. I wanted to share an instrumental song I wrote that is about going through life with a great attitude and confidence even though I have essential tremor. It is called, “Shaking My Way Through.” I hope it brings you joy. 

(Click here to listen)

10 thoughts on “This Song’s For You

  1. Oh my, since you were 16, ……………I guess I could say I been suffering since I was younger,also…………..I work at sewing an making things……. My aunt , played piano, accordion ,she had ETC.. My Mother had it later in life, I thought it was later when she was 63 like me now, well to me she was the best mom ever……?…….I miss them so much now there gone…………my mum was a beautifull singer an my dad loved music….l..So , by all means get bk to me if you like ♡*)unbrellas an ht. Choco haha never even knew there was a websites an support groups this is great so long for now, look forward to hearing from you…cheers

    1. Such a musical family !! That is so nice. I am happy you enjoyed the song. What kind of sewing do you do? What have you found that helps?

  2. I, too thought the song was beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Also, I agree it was relaxing to shaky hands.

  3. Hello
    I’ve been recently diagnosed with ET. I’m a musician and was kind of worried if I will be able to continue to play. After listening to your song , and may I say was really great! It gave me more optimism of my future in music
    Thank you for the post and God bless

  4. I just got back from Nebraska City, NE. I no longer have ESSENTIAL Tremor in my left
    hand Dr Tierney took care of business

  5. Thank you, Nate for the beautiful music.. so relaxing and pleasant to listen to…you are gifted. I too have ET and have had it for the biggest part of my 78 years

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