Talking with Jazz Pharmaceuticals About an Investigational Drug for ET

Posted on January 6, 2022

Jazz Pharmaceuticals
 is investigating a drug that acts to modulate the activity of t-type calcium channels associated with essential tremor. The investigational process and the work of Jazz is explained by staff members Michelle Baladi, senior director of global development, and Margaret Lee, head of neuroscience pharmacology.

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8 thoughts on “Talking with Jazz Pharmaceuticals About an Investigational Drug for ET

  1. I have ET in both hands. I have had discernible ET for more than 35 years
    No pharmaceuticals have helped so far

    I also have epilepsy which is in total control and has been since it’s initial diagnosis and medication prescription Gagapentin

    My present options are with mechanical intervention which I do not like

    I am extremely interested in your medical study with a new drug

  2. I have had AT since I was a baby, my mother and my daughter have also have this. I want to finally find something that helps. I have hand tremors, also tremors in my head and voice legs. At times when the weather is cold my legs lock up and I have very bad internal tremors. I just want help that works please. I have used several types of meds that works some for a short time or not at all, and have side effects that are dangerous to me, like sleep or dazed. I would do trials of are new treatments. I am now 71 years . I live in Hugo,Co. 80821

  3. I have had ET for 30+ years. Mother and brother have it to. Meds don’t help much. I am 61 years old and in great health. I would like to do Jazz trials.

  4. Friends, commenting here will not sign you up for a study. Go to, click on science and then on clinical trials. Fill out the form. Based on your zip code they will determine if there is a trial location near you.

  5. I have had ET since I was 30, I am now 72. My dad and grandfather also had it. I am taking clonazepam .05 mg 3 times a day. I can at least have some control with my hands when I eat, there was time I couldn’t even feed myself. I love to create art and teach at the senior center, and teach art to children. I still don’t have a steady hand with it comes to showing how to do intricate designs. I live in Johnson City, TN

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