Talking DBS Therapy with Medtronic

Are you a good candidate for DBS therapy? What are the benefits and risks? Lisa Johanek, senior principal medical affairs scientist with Medtronic, answers these questions and more in our first Talking Essential Tremor podcast.

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7 thoughts on “Talking DBS Therapy with Medtronic

    1. I have had DBS done in Aug 2020. I have Medicare and a Supplemental ins. It was all covered. 98% of my tremors are gone and I’m now OFF ALL my medications that I was on for my tremors. Hope if you decide to have DBS it works as well for you.

  1. This is awesome, love the new Podcasts. I think in the interest of full transparency you might want to emphasize the sponsorship of this Podcast by Medtronic as some of the members listening may have missed that detail in the introduction.

    1. We have 5 corporate sponsors for our podcast series and virtual education series and we note that in all the broadcasts, in our social media, on our website and in our publications. We will be hosting podcasts with many, many tech groups that support the ET community.

  2. I have had DBS on one side and it has given me curled over toes which makes it very painful to walk. How common is this?

    1. We are so sorry for your pain. This is the first time we have heard of something like this. Has your doctor or surgeon associated it with the surgery?

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