Talking About the Tremelo Hand Stabilizing Device

Posted on April 12, 2021

He took real world technology used in industry and formatted it for human use to calm hand tremors. Hear how Dr. Leo Nguyen, associate professor of mechanical engineering at California State University, used his expertise to create the Tremelo hand-stabilizing device. He is the founder of Five Microns.

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11 thoughts on “Talking About the Tremelo Hand Stabilizing Device

  1. I would like to try or at least see the Tremelo Hand Stabilizing Device. Ruth Salter

  2. Although I have purchased weighted hand utensils, I am interested in what else is available to help stabilize my hand tremors, my right being the worse. However, neither hand is especially quiet.

    1. Dear Marlene,
      We invite you to try the Tremelo to stabilize your hand tremors. In celebration of Mother’s Day this month, you’ll save $100 with our discount code “MOM” when you order from We encourage you to try the Tremelo for your dominant hand. Feel peace of mind with our 30 day return policy. Contact us if you have any questions at 559-770-2002 or

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