Talking About Deep Brain Stimulation with Abbott

Posted on July 12, 2021

If you’re considering Deep Brain Stimulation therapy to help manage your essential tremor, what questions should you be asking? Learn this and more from this conversation with Dr. Binith Cheeran, movement disorders specialist and medical director for neurological therapies at Abbott Labs.  

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10 thoughts on “Talking About Deep Brain Stimulation with Abbott

  1. I’m considering this treatment. Is this the same treatment that was touted at a Boca Raton Florida seminar several years ago when it was in the process of review for Medicare approval and now is approved?

  2. Had this done at age 64. It was life changing. Getting the use of my hands was the best thing ever since working on wood projects is back in my life. I thank you for your emails and feedback helping me make this decision.

  3. I just had DBS in February after suffering with head, neck, vocal, and hand tremors for 10 years. I had excellent results and would definitely recommend this treatment. Important to find a doctor that you trust.

  4. I had the Medtronics DBS back in 2006 and it worked for 5 years. Its all been down hill ever since. I had repositioning in 2017. No good results. In 2019 I had it all removed and Boston Scientific inserted. No change.

    I have had ET since I was 16 I am now 80. I don’t want to discourage anyone. I am just one out of millions that didn’t have the best results.

  5. i will be 85 in September and would any of these treatments would help me at my age to get use of my hands back ,i love to cook and crochet, sew ,cross stitch and work on Computer and having a hard time doing any of this plus it has affected my speech ,and walking . my questions do you think any of these treatments would help me at my age , i have stents ,Afib ,am on Warfarin . thank you for your input in advance

  6. After years of trying various meds to control my ET but without success (Propanolol, Primidone, Gabapentin), I interviewed with a neurologist at Thos Jefferson Hosp in Philadelphia about DBS, and he thought I was an excellent candidate. It scared me at first (brain surgery?!?), but after an interview with the neurosurgeon I decided to try it. My surgery (delayed for COVID) was last July (2020), the results have been excellent. I am SO glad I had the procedure done. And between Medicare and my secondary insurance, I paid nothing. Incredible.

  7. Found this to be very interesting. My husband has bilateral DBS stimulators but has the Medtronic devices. Do you know if they have the telemedicine interfacing available yet? Interesting to hear about the neurosphere virtual clinic. He needs to have his device updated in another year or so as his battery will be running out. Just wondering if he should consider a different brand of stimulator or if that is even possible. He had his surgery at Emory and goes every 6 mo. for consolation with the programmer. He has been VERY happy with the outcome. He restores antique cars and was very limited before DBS. He is 77 years old and had his surgeries in 2016 and 2018. He also had a spinal cord stimulator for chronic pain. It is a Boston Scientific device.

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