Talking About Voice Tremor with Musician Terri Hendrix

Diagnosed with voice tremor and spasmodic dysphonia in 2019, singer-songwriter Terri Hendrix has come to realize that attitude is everything. She advises aspiring musicians with essential tremor to own the condition. Her management techniques include vocal exercises, medication and sometimes a shot of alcohol. Be sure to listen until the end of the podcast because we share Terri’s song “Love You Strong” off of her “Love You Strong” Album. The song talks about loving someone strong to help them get through difficult times. 

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20 thoughts on “Talking About Voice Tremor with Musician Terri Hendrix

  1. Absolutely beautiful song & voice. Terri, I thank you for sharing your story with us & IETF for getting the message out there. Any other advice on how to deal with anxiety in social situations would be much appreciated.

    1. It’s hard. I think stacking the deck in your favor is important. If a room is loud, I’m just not going to even try and talk. Humming to get my voice up in pitch helps. Trying to get the voice out of the throat so I can project helps. It’s hard. I give myself a break. I do my best. I’m sure you do, too. I think “Owning it” is important. This is not the voice I wanted but it is the voice I have. My best wishes to you. You got this.

  2. I found this very helpful. Terri, you’re doing all of us with these conditions a huge favor. BTW, I’m an author and still do occasional book readings. When doing them on Zoom, I keep a glass of wine handy and that seems to steady my voice enough to be understood.
    Thanks much.

  3. Thank you to Terri and to IETF for this podcast! I also have vocal tremors and spasmodic dysphonia, so I greatly appreciate hearing Terri’s insights. It was reassuring to learn that I am not the only one who avoids talking on the phone!

  4. Beautiful song! Thanks for helpful info. I just had 3rd Botox injections with minimal effect so far.

    Speech therapy has helped me the most, but I neglect to practice strategies. Will research the Straw exercises and the Breather Effect.

    Thanks again and again for sharing!

    We are not alone…

    1. We are not alone for sure! I really like my Breather Fit and my Ooovoo straw. I’m always using a straw these days. Botox was reverse for me. But these other methods are helping. Good luck to you. You got this!

    2. Hey there! Some folks have Botox and do great and others … like me … not so great. It’s hard. I know! I find it easiest to do vocal work in the car. I also do vocal work when I do chores. It’s hard to make it all work. But it can. I even do vocal work in crowds. No one can hear me anyway and it’s not like I can talk in a crowd! Ha! Take care … you got this!

  5. Terri you have the prettiest voice and the music is superb. Thank you for helping us all feel less inhibitive!

    1. Thanks Linda. That recording is from 2015, but with vocal therapy I hope to get back to that point one day. In the meantime … it will take work and vocal rehab. Take care and best wishes. You got this!

  6. Thanks for this wonderful podcast that is so very educational. I was diagnosed with SD with tremor in 2004, as a Speech Pathologist! I’m glad you found me and look forward to giving you a lot of tools and tips to help further develop your breathing and voice! I’ve been able to manage mine without botox for 17 years. I’ve worked with a lot of singers. You have a lovely voice.

  7. Terri–you’ve done me so much good! I too am a lifelong singer and am in a 4-person band now here in Florida. My voice started wavering about 4 yrs ago now. What a shock.
    Finally got diagnosed with vocal and essential tremor, but felt like such a freak, because so little is published & it seemed like the IETF newsletter was always about other tremors, ie limb tremors.
    I’m not letting this stop my singing, and have discovered some helps along the way, ie warming up, a little vodka. Trying to work with the limitations, as you said, of my new voice. Thank you, IETF and Terri Hendrix!

    1. Hi there Melissa! Thanks for sharing. I’m interested in what vocal warm ups you are doing for the tremor! Yes, it is HARD to find good info on this. Thanks for the feedback. Kindest regards and best wishes, Terri

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