Steady Your Hands with Readi-Steadi

The Readi-Steadi Anti-Tremor Orthotic Glove System was developed to help patients gain control of their hand tremors. Creator Krista Madere, licensed occupational therapist and certified hand therapist, shares her story about this medical device that, on average, provides a 50 percent reduction in tremor.

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18 thoughts on “Steady Your Hands with Readi-Steadi

  1. When will the Ready Steady gloves be on sale in Ireland 🇮🇪? I shake soooo badly. I have Dystonia with ET for the past 40+ years.
    Many thanks.

        1. Hi Nancy-

          We will mail you information, thanks for reaching out! Please feel free to also call our office if you would like to discuss details, 225-614-2631.

  2. I have mild tremors in my right hand only. It is not affecting my daily routine. I am on medication, Ciplar LA daily one tab as per my neurologist of India for the last 4 years or so. Please let me know if this Glove will give me further relief.

    1. Hello Veeraswamy-

      The average tremor reduction in amplitude and frequency is 50% regardless of severity. The device is fully customized based on your exact measurements and abnormal movement pattern that you experience. The orthosis glove system can also be modified easily as a result of medication and/or status changes.

  3. I had DBS SURGERY in November 2017 and the lead was misplaced or slipped out of place. Now I am seeing a. 3rd Neurologist at Johns Hopkins and my appointment today has been cancelled for some reason. My tremors are now much worse as well as my balance. I hav3 not had any successful OT and am no longer taking PT.

    1. Hi Nancy-

      I was inspired to create the orthosis glove system based on a need. It is a conservative option with no known side effects that can be incorporated with surgical and/or medication options if needed. Our passion remains for each individual fitted to receive maximum functional benefit. It can also be used as a therapeutic tool to help facilitate motor learning and advancement of therapy goals.

      We hope you find this short video overview helpful:

  4. Would it be possible to have some idea of the costs? I have medicare and tricare for life. I am very interested, just would like to know some more info. Thank you in advance. My tremor started around 12 years old and I am 79 now. I have tremor in both hands.

    1. Hello Charlotte-

      An email was sent to you, please let us know if you did not receive it. We are happy to discuss in more detail as we are contracted with most major insurances. Coverage is considered with physician documentation proving medical necessity.

  5. I have had essential tremor in both hands for over 12 years and have taken propranolol 10mg twice a day. For the past two years, my tremor has gotten much worse. I have RA and the muscle relaxer, methocarbam 500 mg, was prescribed for pain. I found out that the methocarbam helps the tremor tremendously. I can take 4 a day, but I take 1 three times a day. It takes effect in about 30 min and will last for 6 to 8 hours. It has been a wonderful improvement.

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