Sharing My Experience Helps Me Advocate for Others

Posted on March 7, 2023

Jennifer’s Story

One day I went to put on nail polish and my left hand could not stop shaking for me to do so. This moment completely scared me. I couldn’t stop the shaking no matter what I tried. I inquired with my primary doctor who then referred me to a neurologist. He then did the exam– observations of my shaking, reflexes, gait while walking. He diagnosed me with essential tremor (ET). An MRI was ordered, due to my reflex reactions. But he said I was now an ET patient of his.


Propranolol has been in my system ever since. I take it two times a day. When I’m tired it doesn’t hide out, but the medication has been helpful in keeping it low key while I am dealing with tasks in my daily life.

I’m a painter, writer and yes still like my nails painted! I found a dry nail polish product to use and I feel I am able to keep up my facade as a normal 54-year-old woman who, if you watch closely, can shake a bit. My balance has been questionable, so I make sure my apartment is free of clutter and the bar near my bathroom shower is intact to keep me from any mishaps.

It’s an adjustment and I am watching my progression. I’ve learned though in knowing with the proper diagnosis I am able to handle this new medical condition. Also, with continued patience and the foundation’s updated awareness and medical advancements, I can live my life as normally as I can. By sharing what I know I can be an advocate as well.

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  1. Sounds just like me nearly thirty years ago and I hope and pray that it continues for you because it certainly didn’t for me.

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