Shaking Hands Have Become My New Norm, but So Has Spreading Awareness

Posted on August 22, 2019

Each semester, the International Essential Tremor Foundation presents four scholarships to students with essential tremor. The scholarships represent hope for the future, and provide support to these students during a pivotal time in their lives. As part of the scholarship application process, each applicant is asked to write an essay that answers the question, “How has essential tremor affected my life?” The following essay is from one of our fall 2019 scholarship recipients.

By Alyssa Jones
2019 IETF Scholarship Recipient,
Student at Trinity University, San Antonio, TX

I have known since I was very young that helping others was my passion, and I wanted to make a big impact. The first time I found a community that fit me perfectly was when I joined a student government program called Youth and Government. After five years in the program, I have learned an unfathomable amount about writing laws, debating policy and overall government operations. However, during my first year at our district conference, I was told that I had to give a speech to hundreds of students convincing them to choose me to represent them. Many people are terrified of public speaking, but I truly enjoy it. I took the five minutes I was allotted in between other speeches to write my own and got up to deliver a confident message. After it was over, I was elated and grateful that I had the support needed to push myself through. Others congratulated me on a successful speech, then asked if I was nervous. They had noticed my hands trembling.

My goal is to attend law school and possibly become involved in the non-profit sector. I want to make changes that impact people in a positive way and do good for our communities. To prepare myself, I have spent my time in high school involved in related activities such as youth and government, student council and debate. All of these activities require public speaking and high visibility. However, sometimes when I’m shaking, I don’t want to be in the spotlight. Essential tremors have had an impact on my daily life and activities, such as eating and applying makeup. I use weighted utensils and sometimes have assistance getting ready for the day. However, now it is affecting my future dreams. I am worried that I will be viewed as the insecure, anxious person that nobody will take seriously – all because of my tremors. This is especially true because I have seen my disorder progress over the past two years.

Shaking hands may have become my new norm, but so has spreading awareness. Although tremors disrupt my life and can be embarrassing, I try to educate those around me. It is important to talk about tremors and shine a light on this disorder so that advancements can be made toward a cure. I won’t let my tremors steer me from my ambitions; I may just need some help along the way.


Do you want to help support students with ET during their educational journey? Make a donation to the ET scholarship fund online.

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  1. I’ve had a very similar experience as I was involved in Youth Parliament groups and struggled with people thinking I was nervous during speeches! It’s great to see you’re raising awareness of Essential Tremor 🙂

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