Facts about the VILIM Ball

Posted on March 4, 2024

VILIM ball is a handheld mechanical therapeutic device that provides neuromodulation therapy to temporarily reduce hand tremor for patients with essential tremor. This is a conversation with creator Dr. Mantas Venslauskas, CEO of the Lithuanian-based company Vilimed. He talks about how VILIM ball works, how it was tested and warns against less expensive imitations. The company released VILIM ball for purchase in 2018 in European countries, then expanded distribution to the U.S. and other countries in 2023.

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6 thoughts on “Facts about the VILIM Ball

  1. Does this interfere with the heart? I cannot take a beta blocker due to bundle brancch

  2. I’m 84 and have had ET since I was 40 years old. Over the years as it became progressively worse I was put on more and higher dosages of medications. I am now maximized on all three; propranolol, topiramate and primidone. Because I have taken them so long, my tremors are almost as bad as they were before. Will the Vilim Ball help if I am on medication? I don’t dare stop now.

  3. Is there any information about using this device in conjunction with DBS? Would using this device with DBS cause any contraindications? I have a DBS that is not working like it did when first implanted 8 years ago and I am always searching for anything that lessons my tremor. Thanks, Carter

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