Why Give

Your care and generosity helps provide hope and a better future for people with essential tremor (ET) around the world. When you give, you ensure the International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) can continue to serve and empower the ET community through…


The IETF provides free education for patients, healthcare providers and the public.

We host educational events including ET forums throughout the country and call-in teleconferences which have helped more than 55,000 individuals.

Your gifts help provide thousands of information packets each year to empower individuals with resources and tools to manage ET. We also distribute patient brochures and fliers to physicians to educate people newly diagnosed with ET.


Raising awareness for ET is about so much more than sharing statistics, posters and brochures. Awareness means people living with ET feel heard when they have questions…it means they’re supported and know they don’t have to go it alone.

By raising awareness, we fight stigmas and misunderstanding—and we ensure no one with ET feels isolated or confused.

Greater awareness of ET leads to greater understanding and greater compassion.


Funding innovative ET research is one of the most important things we do. So far, the IETF has awarded more than $975,000 to vital research studies. We’re excited by the latest research and the hope it offers the ET community.

With each discovery, we take a step toward promising solutions. It’s crucial we come together and advance research that will make life better for people with ET.

Your support funds leading-edge research so we can find safe, effective treatments and a cure for ET.


The IETF supports students of all ages with ET by awarding college scholarships. Since 2011, we have awarded $67,000 in scholarships.

Our community is strong because we’re here for each other. In our ET Awareness Group on Facebook and 70 in-person support groups worldwide, information and experiences are shared so people can help each other cope and navigate life with ET.

Your support of the IETF helps make these invaluable connections possible.

Whether it’s for yourself or for someone you love, we know this is important to you and we’re extremely grateful for your donation.

Together, we can help people with ET live life to the fullest and work toward finding a cure.
Thank you so much for giving to the IETF today.