Damping Exoskeleton

2013, IETF Funded Research Archives

An Innovative Damping Exoskeleton Approach to Essential Tremor Treatment

Carlo Menon, PhD, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, CANADA was awarded an IETF research grant in the amount of $24,992 for his proposal entitled, “An innovative damping exoskeleton approach to essential tremor treatment”.

This project explores a new assistive device for essential tremor using state-of-the-art wearable robotics. While other mechanical braces attempt to suppress tremor, this new approach measures the moment-by-moment movement of the tremor and almost immediately provides the proper amount of bracing to suppress the tremor. In many ways it’s similar to the way a seatbelt allows for freedom of movement until there is a force thrust upon it, like in a crash, and then it tightens and holds you in place.

The key to this project is to develop a safe, comfortable, and lightweight tremor suppression device that is effective for those who do not respond to standard treatment options for ET.