Clinical Characteristics in Childhood

2013, IETF Funded Research Archives

Clinical Characteristics of Essential Tremor and Enhanced Physiological Tremor in Childhood

The IETF is please to support Erika Augustine, MD, University of Rochester, Rochester NY with a $25,000 grant for her proposal entitled, “Clinical characteristics of essential tremor and enhanced physiological tremor in childhood”.

An estimated 5% of adults state that their ET began in childhood. Yet our understanding of ET in children is very limited. Dr. Augustine will focus her work on kids between the ages of 5 and 18 focusing on the similarities and differences between ET and Enhanced Physiological Tremor (ePT), another common form of tremor in children. She will look at how severe the tremors are, how they impact each child’s daily activities, and look for any non-tremor symptoms present. Comparing and contrasting these two common types of tremor in children will help physician’s better advise their young patients (and their parents) and guide future research.