Legacy Society

Members of our Legacy Society have expressed their commitment to the essential tremor community by naming the IETF as the ultimate beneficiary of a planned gift. These gifts help further the IETF’s mission and ensure the organization’s future financial stability.

Deceased Donors


Warren Conklin Apgar Bequest

Robert Barfoot

Thelma Beatty Trust

Berner Charitable and Scholarship Foundation

James Breene

Marietta Budak

Butler Family Trust

Shirley A. Cavanagh Bequest

Willima B. Cole Trust

Lillian Courtheoux

Nancy M. Craig Trust

E. Ruth Crum Trust

Beryll G. Deming Trust

Margaret Edwards Estate

Irene Feimer Anger Bequest

Howard Fisher Trust

Deceased Donors


Albert Gendron Living Trust

Anne Gilstrap

Goodenough Family Trust

Lorraine Hellstern

Shirley Henry

Joseph L. Hores

John P. Hyde Estate

Frans Jahger

Edmond Jamieson

Laurita Hall Johnson Trust

Dorothy Helen King Bequest

Rose Kleiner Trust

Lois Kreider

Barbara Kurtz Trust

Margaret Loyd

Jackie Luvisi

Thomas MacNair

Deceased Donors

Richard Marcus

Lynn W. Martin Estate

Stephen A. Mohorich Estate

Paul T. Perney Trust

Richard Peters

Dina Philips

Selma Raphael

Margaret Treacy

Schmier Family Revocable Trust

William & Mary Shelley Trust

Dorothy Stevenson

Martin Stinar Trust

Delbert D. Utgaard Trust

Melville VanBuskirk Bequest

Kathleen Wambold Estate

John Zgliobicki Jr.

Lola Zimmerman

Living Donors


Judy Adams

Patricia Anesi

Leslie Balas

Karen Christenson

Shari & Stan Finsilver

Marilyn Foreman

Dale Hauer

Sam Hodges

Raymond & Sarah Lamont

Carol Post

Byron Scott

Jacqueline Sydow

Janet Whittlesey

Leon Wilhelm

For information on becoming a Legacy Society member, contact the IETF Executive Director toll free at 888.387.3667.