Tremor Gram – March 2021

Posted on March 8, 2021
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Let’s Talk About Essential Tremor

This month marks the 10th anniversary of National Essential Tremor Awareness Month — a time to come together as an ET community to educate others about this condition that affects millions worldwide.
Our theme for this year is “Let’s Talk About ET” encouraging conversations around the topic of ET. Let’s spend the month educating friends, colleagues, neighbors, students – anyone who will listen – to help people understand the impact ET can have on everyday life. Education and communication are two of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to fight health conditions.

In the stories below, we’ve shared some ideas for ways you can get involved in raising awareness:

Share Some Facts About ET

photo of the essential tremor awareness poster

We’ve created a couple of items that can help you with conversations and education around essential tremor.

We’ve printed 11 x 17 awareness posters which are available FREE (limit 5). These posters define ET, and include symptoms and the cause. Display them in a public place, such as your office, local community center or library – wherever they will be seen by the public.

Share our social media posts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They include important facts and insightful videos. You can also download our social media cover images for Facebook and Twitter, and our Zoom background with the Let’s Talk About ET logo.

We’ve made a short list of ET facts which is available online. Share these facts through social media posts, with friends, in conversations or in other ways. Let’s Talk About ET!

Spread Awareness All Year with Our Tote Bags and Water Bottles

Show your support for essential tremor awareness with our Let’s Talk About ET water bottles and tote bags. We’re offering the flip straw water bottle for those making a $30 donation to the IETF during National Essential Tremor Awareness Month in March. For a $50 donation, we’ll send you the water bottle and zip up tote bag. They’re practical and are sure to initiate conversations about ET.

Click here to make a donation and we’ll get one or both in the mail to you!

Your donations support our mission and help us carry out programs and provide support for those impacted by ET.

Tune into Our Podcast and Share it with Others

Our latest Talking Essential Tremor podcast, “ET Helped Him Find His Family” is a heartfelt one, and certainly worth sharing with others. It features an interview with retired teacher Mark Honeyman, who has essential tremor. Adopted at birth, Mark set out on a journey to find his birth parents to discern from where his ET originated. As a result, he went from being an only child to having 7 siblings and 37 nieces and nephews – several who have ET.

He also shares the story of how he opened up to his students about his ET when he was teaching – educating them about what it is and how it impacts people. The level of compassion and humanity they showed to him still makes him emotional.

You don’t want to miss this touching podcast.

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10 thoughts on “Tremor Gram – March 2021

  1. I applaud your theme this year of “Let’s Talk About ET”. Although many of us who have ET know quite a bit about its symptoms and causes the tote bag, water bottle and other educational materials you are providing provide an excellent opportunity to talk about ET to our friends, family and associates who may be interested.

  2. Thanks i am happy getting this i have all the signs but all my results does not show that i have ET

    1. Your request has been sent to our support group manager. Thanks, Kenneth.

  3. I have tried Tenorman, Primidone, Baclofen, Klonopin, These seem to be more for hand tremors, which i have but is very minor.. My Head and voice tremors are moderate/severe at times.. I am trying to get the Botox shots.. My insurance isn’t liking that.. But I’m hoping that will work

  4. I have the same….l have found twice in the last four years that Primidone will help only if you make sure the company that you purchase from is Lanett!! If my pharmacy is not attentive here, and l don’t catch it….l will shake and drop things more. The Primidone from other companies seems to work only on seizures.

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