Tremor Gram – July 2023

Posted on July 5, 2023

Resources for Managing ET

Essential tremor (ET) can turn daily tasks into a test of ingenuity, perseverance and self-esteem. Basic everyday functions, such as eating, dressing and writing, can cause frustration and lead to stress which often temporarily increases tremor.

ET Assistive Devices and Therapies

The IETF has put together a list of tried therapies, techniques and assistive devices to share with the ET community. They are posted under “resources” on the IETF website. The list includes orthotics, cooking and eating utensils, clothing, technical resources and more. Some may be familiar to you, and others may be new. Since every person’s ET is individual to them, what works or helps one person, may not necessarily help another. But many are worth a try.

If you have other coping tips or devices you have tried, feel free to share them in the “leave a reply” section.

Seeking Solutions Together

Research Appeal 23

Making life better for people who have essential tremor (ET) is at the core of the IETF’s mission. We provide support, education and awareness every day. But most importantly, we invest in research to find answers that will lead us to a future where we can leave essential tremor behind.

If you want to play a role in advancing research for ET, donate to the IETF Research Fund. Your support enables us to fund research addressing the etiology and underlying pathophysiology of ET. To date, generous donors have helped the IETF contribute more than $975,000 to ET research. 100% of your contribution today will go toward these and other research efforts.

Effective treatments and a cure are out there. And by seeking solutions together, we can move closer to discovering them.

Thank you for your support and commitment to ET research.

ET’s Impact on Children

Many people see essential tremor (ET) as a condition of the middle aged and elderly, but that’s not entirely true. ET affects children as well. An estimated 5 percent of patients with ET present with symptoms before adulthood. In fact, in some studies at movement disorder referral centers, up to 20 percent of patients with ET reported their condition began in their pediatric years.

Dr. Keith Coffman, director of the movement disorders clinic at Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, provides many facts about pediatric ET in this video presentation, “Essential Tremor: Pediatric Onset.”

He said 60-80 percent of children with ET have a family history, and the presentation of ET in children is different than that in adults. Most children with ET have hand and arm tremor, and very little head or voice tremor.

The IETF has resources for parents of children with ET. Go online to read “Children with Essential Tremor: A Guide for Parents and Other Caring Adults.”

Clinical Trials Need You!

If you want to make a difference in the search for better treatments for essential tremor, consider participating in a clinical trial. On our website, we keep an ongoing list of clinical trials recruiting participants. Here are some of the most recent ones:

artwork for clinical trials

·        Jazz Pharmaceuticals’ EveresT Study is a research study testing the safety and effectiveness of an investigational medication that may help decrease tremor severity for people diagnosed with essential tremor (ET). To learn more and sign up for the study, please visit the study website here.

·       The KINETIC 2 TRIAL is evaluating the safety and efficacy of three different doses of an investigational drug compared to a placebo on reducing tremors in adults diagnosed with essential tremor. Participation lasts approximately 19 weeks. Visit the study website at to learn more.

·        Researchers in the Voice Lab at The University of Texas at Austin invite individuals with essential tremor to participate in a study of voice. The goals of the study are to understand how speakers control their voice and to develop therapy that improves vocal control. For more information contact the UT Voice Lab, (512) 232-4428, or email

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14 thoughts on “Tremor Gram – July 2023

    1. Wonderful! This is being conducted by the Voice Lab at the University of Texas. Please reach out to them to get more information or to register: UT Voice Lab, (512) 232-4428, or email

  1. I was diagnosed with essential tremor over 5 years ago. I was prescribed a medication (tremadol) I think but did not think this was helping even after increasing the dosage and the frequency of use. My doctor prescribed the cala trio. I began using this once a day, every morning. This helped tremendously, but now I feel the effectiveness is not as it used to be, even with having the therepy multiple times a day. I have heard about focus ultra sound some years ago and would consider this procedure except for the fact that a shaved head does not appeal to me. What is the difference between this and the deep brain stimulation?

    Dianne Tucker

  2. I use a left handed fork and spoon as my dominant right hand makes eating difficult because of ET.

    1. I know it is considered poor table manners, but I use both hands to stabilize my eating utensils and also try to move my mouth to the utensil rather than the utensil to my mouth.

  3. Hello, my name is Diana and I have essential tremor, I have been reading and it may be due to proprioceptor failure, is there any research on it?…thanks.

    1. Here is a story written by one of our medical advisory board members focusing on head tremor. It might include some helpful information.

      Studies are always ongoing with essential tremor. One site to watch is Tremor and Other Hyperkinetic Movements. They list results from a variety of studies involving tremor. Just key in the topic and studies will pop up if any have been conducted in that area. One example is this story on early head tremor:

  4. I saw an Occupational Therapist who really helped me deal with some of my more
    annoying “glitches”, and helped me get over my embarrassment over dealing with others, at least at home. It wasn’t long term. She asked for my problems, and offered solutions in a few sessions. Well worth it!

  5. I have had ET for 20 plus years. Have tried several meds, but didn’t have any success with any of them. Considering deep brain stimulation.

  6. I have had ET for over 50 years. My meditation has been increased over the years and I am now up to propranolol 40mg 3x daily and topirmate 100mg 3x daily. I’m looking into focused US, but have been told I may not be eligible. Whether I have focused US or DBS, will I be able to discontinue the medications?

    1. It’s possible depending on how much your tremor is reduced by one of these surgical options. This is a question for your doctor.

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