Tremor Gram – January 2021

New Medication Being Developed for ET

Cadent Therapeutics is a company focused on the development of breakthrough therapies to improve the lives of patients with movement and cognitive disorders. They have developed and are studying a new promising medication, CAD-1883, for the treatment of essential tremor.

The path to the development of this medication is highlighted in our new ET Virtual Education Event, “The Development of CAD-1883 through Proof-of-Concept for ET.” Tim Piser, chief scientific officer with Cadent, talks about CAD-1883 and how Cadent is positioned for further development of this medication.

New Podcast Explains How a DaTscan Can Help Diagnose ET

DaTscan is a neuroimaging tool (brain scan) that can assist neurologists in understanding the cause of a patient’s tremors. They are particularly effective in differentiating essential tremor from Parkinson’s disease.


Talking about the DaTscan with GE Healthcare,” is our newest Talking Essential Tremor podcast which focuses on this diagnostic tool. IETF Executive Director Patrick McCartney interviews GE Healthcare’s Mark Hibberd, global head of medical services and chief medical officer of pharmaceutical diagnostics.

While the name GE is commonly associated with the manufacturing of appliances, GE Healthcare has a 100-year history in the medical field. They manufacture and distribute medical and diagnostic scanners, including the DaTscan. DaTscan is an injectable radiopharmaceutical that’s used for evaluating people who have tremor, helping to sort out the pathology behind the tremor. It can identify normal and abnormal regions of the brain.

This is the IETF’s 5th podcast in the Talking Essential Tremor podcast series. The series was launched last fall as a means of providing regular online educational resources to support people with ET.

Four Students Awarded College Scholarships

The IETF is proud to support students with essential tremor as they pursue their higher education by presenting them with college scholarships. We recently awarded $1,000 scholarships to the following students:

The IETF’s scholarship program started in 2011 to recognize the achievements of students dealing with essential tremor. It was named to honor longtime IETF Executive Director Catherine Rice who was passionate about providing support for students with ET. To date, the IETF has awarded $51,000 in college scholarships.

Thank you to everyone who made a donation during GivingTuesday in December to support the scholarship fund. We raised more than $5,400!

Applications are open now for fall scholarships. Any student with essential tremor, pursuing a higher education degree (including a master’s or doctorate) from a licensed, accredited educational institution or trade school may apply.

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19 thoughts on “Tremor Gram – January 2021

  1. Am interested to be serious involved in your programs in areas of creating awareness of people with essential tremors in our group Kenya.l want to start a support group in my area nyakach as l have 258members so help me to establish acentre.

  2. I am sometime so much angry, seeing the world flourishing and developing while no solution for ET. In 21st century ET patients are deprived of what their part of world they want to live. I know, who I am now and who I would be without the curse of ET. On scale of 100, 50 now but would be 90 without ET.

  3. Going on 60 and I can’t give up hope for the help I need with my shaking. People are so mosey about it but don’t want to learn about essential tremor. Thank you. Ellen creel

  4. I’m encouraged by your progress but confess that I’m somewhat ‘world-weary’ of amazing breakthroughs as they seem to come and go with the weather, blazing in the sky and then vanishing from the public eye
    . Forgive me.

  5. “The path to the development of this medication is highlighted in our new ET Virtual Education Event, “The Development of CAD-1883 through Proof-of-Concept for ET.” Tim Piser, chief scientific officer with Cadent, talks about CAD-1883 and how Cadent is positioned for further development of this medication.” Good News for us, but why is it that other medications are being developed but all we hear is as above copied.

    1. Are you aware of other medications that are in the development for treating ET? Please share if you know some.

  6. I am an actor, hair model, published magazine model, and so much more. I have a tremor and dystonia but they do not stop me from going after my goals. I have used my tremor in my videos titled “I have a tremor and I’ve got jokes and “I still have a tremor and I’ve got more jokes.” You need to believe in the one in the mirror. I hope that all of you find a treatment option that suits your needs and allows you to be happy and healthy. Stay safe, friends.

    1. I shall have to watch your videos, are they on YouTube? I love that you joke while having ET! I always say to people that I, shake, rattle and roll to my own beat 🥰 ET does not define me, however it is a part of me that I have learned to live and work with!


  8. I am in Australia and in touch with other sufferers (I have inherited ET from my grandfather and have had it all my life) so would welcome news of treatment options to share with others. Not many people know about ET in this country and folk are quick to diagnose me as having Parkinson’s or someone with an alcohol or drug problem.

  9. Hi Margaret
    I am also in Australia, QLD. Have also found that no one knows about ET here. I have not met or know of anyone that has ET.
    I am hoping to have the guided Ultrasound done in Sydney sometime this year.
    Regards Laura

  10. I have ET. My grandmother had it (they didn’t know what it was) . All of her sisters had it. My dad and his two sisters had it. My Dad also had Dystonia. He suffered terribly. He passed away from complications of it. I hope my two kids don’t get it. I take Primidone, it helps some. Hopeful for a new med or something natural to treat it. It definitely makes one less sociable. Praying there is a cure soon!

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