Tremor Gram – April 2020

Posted on April 21, 2020

Thank You for Helping Us ‘Raise the Curtain’ on ET

Our 2020 National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) Month was a great success — thanks to all of you! We appreciate everyone who joined with us to “raise the curtain on ET.”


Our new essential tremor awareness posters were quite popular. We mailed out more than 600! People displayed them in their work places, hospitals, YMCAs, college campuses, dental offices and hairdresser’s, just to name a few.

Once again, we offered special themed t-shirts and totes to stimulate conversations about ET. (We may repeat this offering in a few months once we are able to get a complete inventory of our supply.)

Our “ET Facts” posted each day for 31 days on social media, was very well received. We had hundreds of shares. Our overall reach on Facebook was more than 114,000. On Twitter, these posts garnered more than 49,000 impressions,

And, through your generous donations, we raised more than $45,000 which will help us continue to carryout our mission: to provide hope to the essential tremor community, worldwide, through awareness, education, support and research.

Let’s continue our efforts to raise awareness so we can help people understand what essential tremor is, and in turn, reduce the stigma.

We’re Taking Applications for Fall Scholarships

Attention college students with essential tremor! The IETF awards four $1,000 college scholarships each semester to current or college-bound students to support higher education goals.

The scholarships are awarded based on academic success, community service, leadership skills and an essay submission.

The deadline for fall scholarship applications is May 1, 2020.

Applications and more details are available on the IETF website. Winners of the scholarships will be announced in July.

Join Our Online ET Support Group

One of the ways people with essential tremor often feel support is through the IETF’s dozens of support groups around the world. But during this time of social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic, groups are not able to meet.

If you’re missing this connection, try to IETF’s online support group on Facebook: Essential Tremor Awareness Group. 

ET Awareness Group art

This “closed” group is open only to people with essential tremor and is monitored daily by the IETF. Those who want to join must request membership.

To date it has nearly 10,000 members who live all over the world. They post questions and comments 24/7. There’s also a search feature that allows you to find past conversations on a particular topic.

Join in the conversation!

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