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  1. How do you use Cala Trio? The podcast talked about 40 minutes of treatment will possibly give you 90 min of relief. Does this mean you must plan ahead and use it for 40 minutes before relief is needed, for instance, before going out for dinner? Or is it effective immediately while you are wearing it. If it is effective immediately, can you turn it on and off while wearing it?

    Thank you for working hard to find relief for ET in a simple and unobtrusive way.

    1. We reached out to Cala Health for an answer to these questions. Here is their response:

      Each stimulation session is 40 minutes in length. Patients can go about their daily activities during stimulation. We only ask that patients do not drive during a therapy session. Also, the device should not be submerged in water, so no bathing or swimming while wearing the device.

      Most patients begin to experience tremor relief about 15 minutes into their session with the average tremor relief lasting 94 minutes (PROSPECT study) following the completion of a therapy session.

      So from a practical standpoint – many patients plan to start their therapy session before activities in which their tremor poses a significant burden. In addition to that, many patients choose to use it as a daily “maintenance therapy” and it can be used up to 5x daily depending on the needs of the patient. Patients are able to stop a therapy session if need be before the 40 minutes is completed.

  2. I am Canadian and do not have a medical plan that would cover this device. Is this device available in Canada? Also I cannot find any reference on their website, and now this podcast, as to what the actual price is. Since I would be paying out of pocket, I need to know the price before pursuing this treatment. What does it cost?

    1. No. Cala Trio is indicated to aid in the temporary relief of hand tremors in the treated hand following stimulation in adults with essential tremor.

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