Steadiwear Has A New Assistive Device Solution for Hand Tremors in Essential Tremor

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Since Steadiwear’s first assistive device for hand tremors in essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease was released, their research and development team has been tirelessly responding to the customer feedback in hopes of improving the Steadi-One glove’s battery-free, low risk and non-intrusive technology and effectiveness. Over the past few months, the Steadiwear team managed to push forward with significant breakthroughs in the development of the second version (shown below). The objective was to reduce the size and weight while improving the comfort and design of the final product.

“The aim is to make the second version of our product available for pre-orders in the USA and Canada before the end of 2020,” said Mark Elias, CEO of Steadiwear Inc.

Feedback from International Essential Tremor Foundation supporters and readers can help Steadiwear make this a reality, so a short survey was formulated to better understand your needs. Please take a few minutes to take part in the survey.

Also, be sure to join Steadiwear’s early adopter list to secure your discount code and gain exclusive early access to the new assistive hand stabilizer device for hand tremors during their pre-order campaign later this year.

Our Recent Achievements 

Since the COVID-19 lockdown, Steadiwear has shifted its efforts from manufacturing to market research along with product research and development. Mark Elias and Emile Maamary, Steadiwear’s co-founders, found that all conferences and cross-border affairs had been put on hold so they went back to the drawing board to find new ways to raise awareness and reconnect with the essential tremor community. Online competitions played a big role with the awareness component as Steadiwear presented at TiEQuest and walked away with the $2,500 Baylis Medical People’s Choice Award. Steadiwear was also shortlisted as one of the 50 start-up companies during the Tie50 2020 Award ceremony. Later that summer, Steadiwear also received the Montreal Startup Festival’s Grandmother’s Choice Award, which is judged by a panel of seniors who serve as a focus group for emerging products aimed at their demographic. Such efforts helped get the word out about the Steadi-One glove and gave Steadiwear the additional support to start a new research and development cycle.

Another proud achievement is Steadiwear’s Facebook Community Group, where existing users and new curious members can access the latest blog content from both and Steadiwear, to compare the different use cases for the Steadi-One. 

Make sure to contact the Steadiwear team or like Steadiwear on Facebook and follow them on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates on their new product launch and upcoming holiday giveaway campaign. Prefer to give them a call? Call 888-505-0992 or schedule a call by clicking here.