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Assistive Devices
  • BigKeys LX Keyboards

    BigKeys Keyboards

    BigKeys Keyboards for computer access provide users large, high-visibility keys that are easy to see. In addition, for users who lack fine motor movements, the larger keys provide a larger strike area that is easier to access compared to standard keyboards.

  • General Links

    Active Hands focuses on helping people with hand function disabilities to enable them to take part in numerous activities as independently as possible. A variety of items are featured in their online “Gripping Aid Shop.” Just choose “essential tremor” to find those specifically made for people with ET.

    Caregiver Products – This is another online destination for adaptive technology and home care products.

    Download an essential tremor medical alert card to help explain your condition.

    Northwest Cellars, in Kirkland, WA, is donating $5/bottle from the sales of their wine to the IETF. This is for any wine listed. Place your order online and for the label preference for your bottle, choose “Label already on file” and in the “Description/Comments” box type IETF.

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