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  • Deep Brain Stimulation- A New Life for People with Parkinson's, Dystonia, and Essential Tremor

    Deep Brain Stimulation: A New Life for People with Parkinson’s, Dystonia, and Essential Tremor

    By Kelvin Chou, MD, Susan Grube, RN, MSN, and Parag Patil, MD, PhDEverything you need to know about deep brain stimulation. From the first consideration to long-term care, this is an invaluable resource that patients, their families, and their physicians will want at their fingertips.

  • Essential Tremor: The Facts

    Essential Tremor: The Facts

    By Drs. Mark Plumb and Peter BainProvides a comprehensive guide to understanding ET and minimizing its impact. It begins with a close look at what ET is and how it is diagnosed. It also details who gets the disorder, the causes and how it affects day to day lives, current treatment options, along with patient […]

  • I Can't Stop Shaking

    I Can’t Stop Shaking

    By Sandy Kamen WisniewskiSandy, who was diagnosed with ET at the age of 14, wrote a personal essay entitled “I Couldn’t Stop Shaking” for Woman’s Day magazine in 2001. Now, she shares her story of living with ET – and the stories of others – in her book. Also included within this book is a […]

  • Orthostatic Tremor- Am I the Only One

    Orthostatic Tremor: Am I the Only One?

    By Jane Baker ConnerA rare neurological movement disorder, Orthostatic Tremor continues to baffle medical science. The author shares her experiences in order to: 1) help identify orthostatic tremor symptoms, 2) explain the alternative of deep brain stimulation, 3) describe practical ways to manage the unique challenges of OT, 4) teach how to cope with an […]

  • Tremors


    Co-Editors: Dr. Claudia Testa and Dr. Deitrich HaubenbergerMuch has happened in the field of tremors in the past 10+ years and a 2022 book, “Tremors” brings it all together. It shares recent developments in understanding tremor pathology and genetics, as well as the clinical findings in treatment models. Tremors will prove to be a useful text […]

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    Active Hands focuses on helping people with hand function disabilities to enable them to take part in numerous activities as independently as possible. A variety of items are featured in their online “Gripping Aid Shop.” Just choose “essential tremor” to find those specifically made for people with ET.

    Caregiver Products – This is another online destination for adaptive technology and home care products.

    Download an essential tremor medical alert card to help explain your condition.

    Northwest Cellars, in Kirkland, WA, is donating $5/bottle from the sales of their wine to the IETF. This is for any wine listed. Place your order online and for the label preference for your bottle, choose “Label already on file” and in the “Description/Comments” box type IETF.

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