Tremor Gram – February 2020

ET Awareness Posters Available

The IETF is preparing for its largest outreach opportunity of the year: National Essential Tremor Awareness (NETA) Month.

March was designated as NETA Month by Congress in 2010 and since that time, the IETF has been creating special campaigns to shine a light on ET.  The theme for our 2020 campaign is “Raise the Curtain on ET.” We invite everyone in the ET community to join us so there will be greater understanding and awareness of this condition that impacts more than 10 million people in the U.S. alone.

One awareness component that is available now is the poster “Your Shaking Might Be a Sign of Essential Tremor.” It defines ET and gives some overall facts. These posters are free to people in the ET community. We encourage you to post them in your workplace, local community center or other public places where people will see it. Order them online.

And watch your mail for a special NETA Month awareness letter where you can see our NETA Month t-shirt and tote bag, both available for a donation to the IETF. With thousands of voices, our impact will be greater and we can help raise the curtain on ET.

Overactive Brain Waves Trigger Essential Tremor

A newly published study shows that overactive brain waves trigger essential tremor. The Columbia University Irving Medical Center study received grant funding from the International Essential Tremor Foundation.

“Past studies have identified changes in brain structure in people with essential tremor, but we didn’t know how those changes caused tremors,” said Dr. Sheng-Han Kuo, principal investigator. “This study pins down how those structural changes affect brain activity to drive tremor.” The study raises the possibility of treating ET with neuromodulation to calm the oscillations. Kuo is an assistant professor of neurology at Columbia and serves on the IETF’s medical advisory board.

Essential Tremor Podcasts Available on Our Website

The IETF is happy to share relevant podcasts on essential tremor, ET treatments, research and other topics to help educate and empower people in the ET community. Thank you to the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society for developing several podcasts we have posted on our website. They were recorded with movement disorders experts during the 2019 Movement Disorder Society Congress in Nice, France.

Topics include The Treatment of Upper Limb Tremor with Botulinum Toxin, Tremor (recent advances in tremor classification and treatment approaches), and New Technologies in Movement Disorders.

Listen in and give us your feedback on the podcasts. The IETF is considering creating podcasts similar to these as informational resources for the ET community.

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