Shari Finsilver

Shari Finsilver

Vice President

Shari Finsilver has served on the IETF Board of Directors since 2002, and was president from 2004 to 2006. She currently serves as vice president.

In her Detroit community, she has organized and led a highly successful essential tremor support group to help connect people who have been diagnosed with the condition.

In addition, Shari is actively involved with Henry Ford Health System, serving on the System Foundation Board, the Neuroscience Institute Council of Advisors, and the Cancer Institute.

With a master’s of science degree in industrial and operations engineering from the University of Michigan, she worked as a management engineer in a hospital setting for many years and brings her leadership skills and experience to the IETF. Looking back over her years of service, she observes:

“I have learned so much from other ET patients over the years while leading a local support group and communicating with so many via e-mail and telephone. It’s unfortunate that we are not only misunderstood by the general public when we shake uncontrollably, but we’re often easily dismissed by the medical community. It’s imperative that we continue our goal of increasing public awareness and educating both the public and professionals about essential tremor and how it can impact our daily lives and livelihood.

“The embarrassment many of us feel when we shake is causing us to allow tremor to take over our lives. Instead, we must speak up about our tremor, letting people know that we shake and that our shaking is caused by a condition called essential tremor. In doing so, we make others and ourselves much more comfortable. We don’t allow ET to define us. Please continue talking about your tremor, educating and helping others along the way. Remember what it felt like when no one understood you. Our collective voice will help us be heard. We’re in this together!”