Maria Hermosillo Arrieta

Scholarship Recipient:
Maria Hermosillo Arrieta


Essential tremor impacted Maria’s life from an early age, but she wasn’t formally diagnosed until she was 18. She steered clear of situations where others would notice it, and on especially hard days with her tremors she would stay home from school.

“Although I tried to brush off my condition and make it seem like nothing was happening, it was pretty obvious to everyone around me, as I got bombarded with questions all the time, wondering if I had some mental illness such as social anxiety or if I was just a particularly nervous person,” she said.

Maria grew up in a small town in Mexico where healthcare services were lacking. She and her family moved to the U.S. four years ago and she was able to finally get a proper diagnosis and the support she needs. She is taking medication that helps.

“Although ET stole moments from my past, I won’t let it steal my future,” she said.