Jillian Mars

Scholarship Recipient:
Jillian Mars


For many years, Jillian hated her essential tremor (ET). She was embarrassed when people would see her hands shake or hear her voice waver when she was speaking. She didn’t like class presentations and skipped out on school plays, talent shows and countless other opportunities because she feared people would make fun of her.

But in 2021, she decided to take control of her ET instead of letting it control her.

When she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a princess and she made that dream come true.

She currently holds the title of Miss Berlin-Gorham in the Miss New Hampshire program through Miss America. It’s the second title she has won since she began competing in the program. In 2022, she was named Miss Tri-County. She has used the Miss New Hampshire platform to raise awareness about ET. She educates others about her condition and talks about the importance of funding ET research. She has spoken to support groups for ET across the country and feels lucky to be making an impact.

“It’s easy to dwell on the negatives, to be angry about the opportunities that essential tremor took from me when I was younger, and hide away from potential embarrassment,” Jillian said. “However, it is far more rewarding to live my life in the light and say yes to every opportunity regardless of if I shake while I’m doing it.”