BreAnne Hamby

Scholarship Recipient:
BreAnne Hamby


Art requires detail and precision, which can be difficult for someone with essential tremor (ET). But for BreAnne, art is a part of who she is so despite her ET, she will not give it up.

She is an art major at Southwest Baptist University (SBU).

After a particularly bad year of struggling with her essential tremor, BreAnne wrote this to herself:

“ET is a part of who I am. ET is not going away. I cannot change the past of taking stillness for granted. All I can do is appreciate who I am right now. No. I am not ET. Yet, ET is essential to who I am and how I operate. Sometimes it is okay to break down. It is okay to struggle. Some days are hard. Some days just suck. Sometimes it is okay to let that jarred electricity out. I need to remember that this is something that makes me unique. I am stronger because of this. I am better because of this.”

 BreAnne has been experiencing tremors since the age of 15. Each year since, she has reflected on how much ET has taught her about herself. This past year, she has learned patience and pride. She knows she can do whatever she sets her mind to do if she puts in the work.

Several of BreAnne’s art pieces have been chosen to hang in the student union at SBU, and six were chosen to hang in the president’s office. She also was chosen to create a mural for the local police department.