Brandon Staple

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Brandon Staple

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His diagnosis of essential tremor in 2014 caused severe anxiety for Brandon. He has been dyslexic all of his life and coupling this with his ET made him feel uncertain about his future. Thankfully, his neurologist became his mentor. She taught him that ET was his “new normal” and she empowered him to pursue opportunities that seemed unattainable.

He became a highly-accomplished student and was one of 10 nationwide accepted into the BS/MD program at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Brandon want to become a neuropsychologist. He plans to leverage advanced capabilities, like AI, wearables and noninvasive brain stimulation, to gain new insights into the neurological and genetic factors that underly conditions like essential tremor and Parkinson’s disease. His end goal is to help deliver the next generation of medication, therapies and surgeries to address these conditions.

Through his involvement in a number of ET-based professional and community organizations, today Brandon serves as a mentor and role model for others with ET.