Anna Easley

Scholarship Recipient:
Anna Easley

2019 and 2020

Anna started having symptoms of essential tremor (ET) when she was just two years old. She didn’t realize it until she had trouble learning to tie her shoes at age 4.

She was formally diagnosed with ET at the age of 14. She was prescribed medication, but it could only do so much. Her ET affected things she was most passionate about, namely music and theatre. She was devastated and thought she was not fit to be a musician.

Then during a doctor’s visit, her doctor made a statement that changed her outlook on ET. He said, “If you could trade your ET for any other disorder, would you?”

She realized that everyone has some sort of disability or obstacle in their life and she decided she was truly blessed.

Today, she has made the decision to pursue music despite the difficulties she might face.

She will be attending William Carey University, Hattiesburg, MS, in the fall of 2019.